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About us

Hangzhou yase decoration materials Co., Ltd. is a production, design and sales company.
The company adheres to the concept of "nature / Art / health", pays attention to independent development and design, and has a wide range of products with artistic characteristics.
With a strong product development team, we constantly innovate to meet the needs of the market. Our works have been successfully applied to all kinds of high-end hotels, clubs, national level venues, villas and hardbound buildings, and have been widely recognized by the industry with excellent quality.


The main tree species used for cork production are cork oak and cork oak. The English name is cork oak, that is to say, cork oak. It is the trunk skin of Quercus in Fagaceae, and its bark is
also called cork.

Beauty comes from nature, beauty belongs to nature

The works that are ultimately called art come from nature itself, and they are brilliant because of their discovery. We explore beauty from nature, try it, and return it to nature, so we believe that Yate is artistic.